Thank you!

Thanks to all speakers and participants that brought this conference to such a successful event. Now, we are looking forward to the Science 2.0 Conference in 2015. Keep also informed about the progress of the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0 and Goportis  – Leibniz Library Network for Research Information.

Please find several photos in our gallery as well as slides and videos linked in the conference programme.


About Science 2.0 Conference

With the event of Social Media, well established principles of scholarly communication are changing dramatically. For centuries scientific libraries served as single point of access to scientific information in many formats and from many sources. However, today scientists are exploring new publication forms, e.g.  scientific wikis, new feedback channels, e.g. microblogging services, or online research environments, e.g. scientific networking and publications sites. This movement towards more participation, collaboration, cooperation and discourse affects both libraries and the scientific communities. Within this context, Science 2.0 deals with the investigation of how Social Media will change research and publication processes.

Bringing together both stakeholder groups affected by Science 2.0 – the library community and the scientific community – makes the first international conference on Science 2.0 a unique event. The conference is dedicated to the latest scientific trends, developments, challenges as well as best practices in the area of Science 2.0. It provides an excellent framework for networking among international researchers from different scientific disciplines and practitioners from libraries. The conference programme is composed of invited talks from internationally recognized experts. Deliberately long breaks throughout the conference and a social event in the evening emphasize the role of the Science 2.0 conference as a unique networking platform.

In 2014, the Science 2.0 conference is organized by Goportis, the Leibniz Library Network for Research Information, and the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0. If you want to learn more about Science 2.0, please watch our Science 2.0 video.