If you have any questions regarding the programme and website content of the Open Science Conference please contact:

Dr. Guido Scherp (Head of Open Science Transfer)
ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

For all organizational questions please contact:

Melanie Lorenzen (Event Manager ZBW)
ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics


Press Accreditation

If you wish to apply for accreditation as a journalist, please send us your application for accreditation stating your name and the full address of your editorial department.Accreditation is given for the sole purpose of reporting for bona fide media. Media accreditation can be given to

  1. holders of a valid press card from a German or foreign press association
  2. German or foreign nationals who can provide proof of their work as journalists (or photo journalists) if they:
    • submit an original article with his/her byline,
    • submit a current imprint in the original, naming them as editors, members of the editorial staff, or authors,
    • submit an original letter from an editorial department commissioning reports about the current event,
    • submit a weblink to an online publication which is relevant to the event and for which they are responsible. In these cases, prior accreditation is necessary because of the increased need for verification.
    • submit current proof that they work for school magazines or submit a valid press card from a youth press organisation.

Proofs should be provided in German or English language.

Contact for accreditation:

Dr Doreen Siegfried (Head of Marketing and Public Relations)
ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics
Phone: +49–431–8814–455